Hack Safari to open links in new tabs, not new windows

Safari (by default) will open certain links (e.g. target=”_blank”) in a new browser window instead of a new tab even if you have your preferences set no too. Fortunately, there is a hidden preference you can set to force Safari to behave.

If you run this command in Terminal /Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app

defaults write com.apple.Safari TargetedClicksCreateTabs -bool true

to disable this afterwards, change the true on the end to false.

I have tested this on Safari Mac 2, 3 and 4 Beta.

Death to Internet Explorer 6

This morning, much like every morning, I wake, prepare for the day, walk my partner to work, get home and read through my emails and RSS subscriptions before I start my working day.

This morning I came across a post from Ryan Stemkoski about How IE 6 is Dead and a comment from that post how Ryan gets 23% and Thomas J Brown gets ~2% of IE 6 visitors. I checked out my statistics and I get 37.7% of my visitors using IE 6.

Top 6 Browsers to visit my Blog.
Top 6 Browsers to visit my Blog.

The top 6 browsers to visit my Blog are IE 5, 6 & 7, Firefox 2 & 3 and Safari.

I can’t believe that IE 6 is kicking around in such high percentages, and worse still is some IE 5 visitors! On a recent website we blocked all support for IE 6 and below, it directed to a splash page with links to download the decent major players. Generally I just let the visitor browse the site as is.

You have an Old Browser - Upgrade
You have an Old Browser - Upgrade

For the first time I loading this blog with this new theme in IE 6 and it does display well, although there is nothing fancy with the design.

http://sheldon.lendrum.co.nz In IE 6
http://sheldon.lendrum.co.nz In IE 6

In all – Why oh why?

Why do so many people use these old browsers? Because of lazy IT departments, yes, Because of illegitimate copies of Windows that stop windows updater, I bet. But surely with Safari and Firefox both being free?

Do it for us Developers and upgrade ! Please!

Installing Windows in my PowerPC iBook running OSX Leopard

I don’t have my Intel Mac any more,  Until I finally get around to upgrading this iBook to an Intel based mac I can’t use programs like Parraels or VMware Fusion to run Linux or Windows operating systems on my mac.

I need to test my pages in Microsoft Internet Explorer,  and with out having a dedicated Windows machine for that one purpose I could not,  Until I came across Q.  

Q Emulator Q-0.9.0a89  is a free port of QEMU for OS X, that allows you to run Linux, most versions of Windows and many other operating systems on your Mac.

With the release of Intel based Macs, there have been several applications developed for running Windows on your Mac, with Parallel Desktop and Boot Camp being the most popular. Q emulator (QEMU) is a free alternativeapplication, that takes advantage of OS X most advanced technologies like openGL and CoreAudio.



  • Runs On Panther, Tiger And Leopard
  • Runs in Intel or PowerPC Mac’s
  • Switch Between Any Guest Computers
  • Restart A Guest Computer At Any Time
  • Exchange Files Between Host And Guest Computers
  • Import/Export Guest As Executable Packages
  • Supports Toolbar In Full Screen Mode Now
  • Much More
You Need a copy of the Operating system you wish to install,  In my case Microsoft Windows XP SP3.
Installation was easy as,  Insert the Windows dick in to my mac,  open Q,  Select the Guest PC Menu -> New Guest PC.  And Install like any other Windows installation,  Slow and sluggish..  It took quite a while on my machine,  But I  was using it the whole time while installing it in the background.
It runs well once it is all installed,  It will run at the same resolution as your current system with Shard Ram and video.
I’m running it now to write this and luckily or not,  I still havn’t got the Blue Screen of Death (yet). 
Found on http://geeksaresexy.blogspot.com/2006/05/blue-shirt-of-death.html
Found on http://geeksaresexy.blogspot.com/2006/05/blue-shirt-of-death.html