Adium Chat Client Message Theme – Kermit the Frog

I use Adium for Chatting on my Mac. It is a great little App that allows you to connected with multiple Account types like MSN, Yahoo, Google Chat ( or gmail ), MySpace, Facebook and more… all in the one cool customisable messenger.

Today I looked at writing my own Message Theme as a quick learning exercise.

I have released the theme for free and you can download both Adium and any themes at Adium Extras.

Kermit the Frog Adium Theme
Kermit the Frog Adium Theme


Kermit the Frog Theme Preview
Kermit the Frog Theme Preview

Death to Internet Explorer 6

This morning, much like every morning, I wake, prepare for the day, walk my partner to work, get home and read through my emails and RSS subscriptions before I start my working day.

This morning I came across a post from Ryan Stemkoski about How IE 6 is Dead and a comment from that post how Ryan gets 23% and Thomas J Brown gets ~2% of IE 6 visitors. I checked out my statistics and I get 37.7% of my visitors using IE 6.

Top 6 Browsers to visit my Blog.
Top 6 Browsers to visit my Blog.

The top 6 browsers to visit my Blog are IE 5, 6 & 7, Firefox 2 & 3 and Safari.

I can’t believe that IE 6 is kicking around in such high percentages, and worse still is some IE 5 visitors! On a recent website we blocked all support for IE 6 and below, it directed to a splash page with links to download the decent major players. Generally I just let the visitor browse the site as is.

You have an Old Browser - Upgrade
You have an Old Browser - Upgrade

For the first time I loading this blog with this new theme in IE 6 and it does display well, although there is nothing fancy with the design. In IE 6 In IE 6

In all – Why oh why?

Why do so many people use these old browsers? Because of lazy IT departments, yes, Because of illegitimate copies of Windows that stop windows updater, I bet. But surely with Safari and Firefox both being free?

Do it for us Developers and upgrade ! Please!

CSS Fix for SPAW Editor & Safari

Over the last couple of years I have used the SPAW WYSIWYG Editor for my site management and clients sites CMS systems.

Ryan Stemkoski and I used it in our Zipline ZLCMS Package that is now in use in over 300 sites and have found it to be a great editor, and now I am using SPAW for CodeIgniter in a CodeIngiter CMS Site.

How ever I have found that SPAW doesnt really fit in the Safari Frame, and all the toolbars span on one line causing usability and scrolling issue.

Today when implementing it for a MAC Safari only based client I went and dug for the fix.

I have always used the Spaw2Lite theme, which is much lighter than the standard theme, if you edit the theme CSS file located at


and alter these two sections of code.

( I’m sure the same fix will apply for the standard theme. )

Add the CSS attribute ‘float: left;‘ to the selector ‘.spaw2litemaintoolbar‘.

	float: left;
	border-bottom: 1px solid #cecece;

Remove the ‘white-space‘ attribute from the selector ‘.spaw2litetoolbar‘.

  white-space: nowrap;

Let me know if this helps, or doesn’t, or you have other fixes for SPAW.

BlueSimplicity – WordPress Free Theme

This is a free WordPress theme available for download.

Is it a Clean, 2 Column Layout with a Left side Navigation / Sub Navigation. The Sub navigation uses Mootools to appear, and will display Posts under their Categories.

It has support for Gravatars and Widgets, includes the Header PSD and is fully xHTML and CSS Valid all for free!

Download: [download#3]