Winter again

So,  A little about me for some who don’t know,  I am the lucky yet unwilling recipient of my 3rd winter in a row.  You may think,  “Don’t people normally try and avoid winters and have an all year summer?”.

Yeah,  Thats true,  and I like the summer,  the warmth and not so much when my toes always cold.  So why am I sitting here 11pm friday night,  cold toes and sick of winter?

Well this time last year,  I sold up,  and went to USA to take a job and a fresh start in Spokane, Washington.  I got there right at the  end of out winter here, and the end of America’s summer,  Bummer!   But cool !

I got to enjoy my first winter with snow,  and a white christmas,  Not that I’m one thats excited about holidays at all.  BI got over the snow,  the cold toes as i walked to work in the mornings and stumbled home at nights.  

Then my Visa expired,  and back to New Zealand I came.  Yeah,  right at the end of winter in the US, yeah end of our summer here in NZ ( and I hear it was a bloody nice one! ), and yeah, the start of Winter.

So here I am,  Cold toes,  possibly mistaken as a goth for how white my skin has become ( maybe not that bad ).  

Now,  Don;t get me wrong.  I do not,  for one minute regret having 3 winters,  and would be happy to have just one more in a row !!  For the reason was because I was there !  I was in Spokane !  And I loved it!


Over the months I was there I became friends with a great bunch of people,  worked ( and still do) with some of the best fellow employee’s/employer’s, drunk a shit load !  ( I mean a shit load )  but never enough!  and altogether just have had the times of my life !


I am working on getting back to the states,  So if any one who reads this,  Can help me with US Immigration PLEASE CONTACT ME.