iPhone Ringtones

With the Apple iPhone, Apple have reduced the availability of the end user to easily add free custom ringtones. You have the standard tones, and the 30 second snippets from the Apple Store, but you have no control on where the snippets start and stop.

I started looking in to how I could generate my own ringtones and add them.

I first found and downloaded ‘Audacity and started to hack in to a mp3 song from my iTunes library.

When looking around to find the best format to export the new ringtone snippet (which is ‘.m4r’), I came across ‘Audiko‘.

Adiuko.Net is a fantastic FREE site that has 1000’s of pre-existing ring tones in multiple formats.

The other great feature is that you can upload your own mp3 file, select your own track snippet, and it will create a ringtone that you and any one else can now download.

The service is a great idea, the server speed is great.

Check out Audiko!