Stormy Kaukapakapa

New Zealand current season is winter, and this winter has been a pretty wet and wild! For the last week or so there has been “Record wide and deep lows” Thats equates a shit load of rain ( half a meter in this area ( or around 19 inches )). Along with losing power and my post “July rain brings no power” which is happening far to frequently for my liking and losing a few trees over fence lines and sadly loosing a couple of calves due the the cold weather, we now have more flooding !

July rain brings no power.

Power Outage: July 26th 11:38am
Power Returns: July 26th 3:17pm (Downtime: 2 hours, 49 minutes)
Power Outage: July 26th 3:26pm (Online: 9 minutes)
Power Returns: July 26th 4:52pm (Downtime: 1 hour, 26 minutes)

I know the power went out multiple times, but I was out braving the rain, so don’t know the times.

Leasons learnt with no power:

CD (Compact Disc’s) were made to hold 79 minutes of audio because that is the length of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, 79 minutes.

It raining outside, It looks like a river down the drive.
Overview of my Desk, with no power.
My Desk, Nothing with power due to rain, except my router.
My UPS, keeping me online while there is no power.