Linksys SPA942 IP Phone

With my Job, I currently work from home in New Zealand, for a firm Zipline Interactive in the States. I use chat and email to talk with the office, but also have a Linksys SPA942 IP Phone. It connects to an asterisk server provided by Limelyte Technology. Considering how shit my internet here in NZ is and the price i get ripped of paying for it, the phone works bloody well. I just spent over an hour talking to a client, going over the job I am doing for him, all the time viewing the pages I was explaining, sending an email or two, and chatting on my IM.

I have a friend who yesterday got the same phone, So last night while my NZ Server was the unlucky recipient of a DoS Attack we spent a good couple of hours chatting over the phone working on resolving the issues, calling the two ISP’s involved, swearing and sharing porn links, I noticed the whole time the phone’s traffic was constantly less that 4kb, which is nothing.

We set about trying to customize some of the settings the SPA942 has.

Firstly: My SPA has four lines. I have 2 set up for my Zipline VoIP Server, And two for My New Zealand VoIP server. Being both Arron and I have the same phone we wanted to find out “Can I transfer a call from my NZ VoIP Service to my US VoIP?”

I have a cousin Near New York currently being a leader for one of those CampUSA type adventures. It sounds fun, but we miss him and I’m sure his family do also. So why have I mentioned Ed? cause he can call my US number, which rings my phone here in NZ, Then I can transfer him to my NZ line, then transfer his call to his parents and my other cousin who we are both close to.

So, Arron and I tried, called from either server, on different lines and transferred the call to the other voip line/server. It wouldn’t work? It would keep dropping the line. It appears that the two servers didn’t want to play….

But, all is not lost! These phones have Conference Call! and that works, and works well.

1) Make the first call.

2) Press hold, Call the second call.

3) Press ‘CONF’ and select your first caller.


Secondly: Add a your BMP logo as a wallpaper:

This takes a little but of fiddling to get right, Solid colour bold text works the best.

I will explain how to do this in photoshop, and this is how it was explained to me, and all that i knew how to use.

1) Open Photoshop and create a new document. Create the document 128px x 48px, then set the Colour Mode to Bitmap 1bit.

2) Open or create your logo in a different window, resize it so the maximum length will fix in the bitmap image. Copy it in to your bitmap and save it to your computer.

3) To allow your phone to use the Image you need to upload it to a web server, and then log in to your phones web interface. To find your Phone’s IP if you don;t know it. Press the “Menu” button, scroll down to “Network” ( or press 9 ), You will see your Phones DHCP IP there. In my case it is ( If your network is not running DHCP, scroll down to “Non DHCP IP Address” ( or press 8 ).

Open your favorite web browser, today is Safari and navigate to “″, This will bring you to your phone settings, Click “Advanced” on the top right, then the “Phone” tab.

Now enter your http Image path as below:

I havn’t managed to add my own ring tones as of yet, So if any one can help me with that, I would really appreciate your help!