New Modem – Thomson TG8585v7

Configuring my new Thomson TG8585v7

thanks to lightning on friday night that fried my previous modem ( DLink 604t ( No big loss)), My ISP Telescum sent me a replacement. Thanks you Telescum!


First Impressions

Digging Deeper

Account Connection

Port Settings

First Impressions:

  • Pretty
  • In the box: Modem 4-port 10/100, WiFi b/g, 2m Cat5 Cable, 3m RJ11 x RJ11 Telephone Cable, 2x inline ADSL spliters
  • Child-like Interface
  • Navigation structure is confusing.

Digging Deeper:

There is no default User/Password, So once I found out my default router IP from my Network Preferences I access the interface via Safari,

The interface is clean, but I don’t like the use of the bright purple colour, or what seams to me like childish icons and style.

The Main navigation is down the left side, you select your option, then it will display that preference, It took me a minute to figure out, if you want to alter the current options settings, the menu is now on the top right hand side.

Configuration Options are deep in the menu structure. Can you, in 30 seconds from logging in, find out how to assign a static non-DHCP address to a connected device?

Configuring ISP User Account

I took me a minute to figure out how to actually make changes and add my user account.

By Default the Modem came pre-configured to connect as the default ISP account with limited Connectivity.

To Configure DSL Account:

  • Login to your Modem via your browser
  • On the main page, under Broadband Connection, click Disconnect.
  • Now Select the Internet link and it will bring you to a screen that allows you to enter your correct connection details. You must disconnect before you can alter your details
  • Click Apply
  • There is no Save and Reboot option, it appears that once you have applied the setting, it is saved.
  • Now you are connected with your ISP details, if your internet is like it is here in New Zealand, watch out for your data limit, I have 15 gig of Slow Internet, and use it every month with out using torrent!

Port Settings:

I like to allow access to certain applications from my local network to the www. Like for instance, points to my laptop, when online you will be able to see all my local sites and AFP/VNC/SSH open to all machines on the network. I have internal rules for my networked printer, my VoIP Phone, QoS for my Phone, All sorts of different rules.

Statically assign internal Addresses

  • On the front page on the Admin you have the Home Network option.
    I connect wirelessly, So I see my computer name: iBook under the wireless list.
  • Select your computer you wish to view
  • On the top right, click configure
  • this will show all info about the current device.
  • Under Addressing you have Always use the same address:, Check this.
  • Under Connection Sharing, you have Game or Service. Select the services you will to apply to this device and click add
  • Click Apply to save changes

I have not yet found out where/how to assign QoS to a device, and have searched the Thomson website, with little success so far.


Overall, this new modem seams pretty decent, once I got a handle of that way the admin works, it wasn’t too bad, a few shortcomings, but for a cheap home router – good!

If any one has any ideas, tips, tricks, firmware hacks or has figured out how to back up/export a condiguration – please share!