WPTouch – iPhone your WordPress

I came accross this sweet WordPress Plugin called ‘WPTouch today and have just installed it on this blog.

What it does, is create an iPhone friendly version of your blog. It has some sweet customisable features, like using Advanced jQuery Javascript Effects (ajax entries, ajax comments, smooth effects), Enable Gravatars in Comments.

When Advanced Javascript Is Disabled:

Your site loads faster on EDGE and 3G connections
Ajax & jQuery are not loaded & used for comments, entries, excerpts etc.
*Fixes javascript conflict issues where the WPtouch menu drop-down doesn’t work
When Gravatars Are Disabled:

Gravatar.com images are not shown beside commenter’s names
As a result, single post pages load faster on EDGE and 3G connections

It also allows for some customisation in how your blog is presented ( Icons, titles, Colours ).
Try it out on your iPhone or iPod touch, and if you are reading this from your iPhone already, then how do you like it ?

I love apple

I love Apple,  I love their products,  their ideas and their beauty.  I have used them for as long as I have used computers.  I started as the only ‘Mac’ fan in my group of friends and have slowly converted a few and am always trying to convert more.  Even some of my die hard windows friends who would never own a mac hae them,  And others are looking to switch.

This makes me very happy.

I read and have read for a long time an Online Comic Least I Could Do  and today I read this post.  To see more and more people realise that apple is great,  not just for their iPods makes me,  an avid Mac fan, Smile :)


Least I Could Do Comic
Least I Could Do Comic