Administration plugin for Minishowcase Gallery system

As I mentioned in a previous post about Jess Thompson Photography, I have recently found this great AJAX|PHP Gallery system Minishowcase.

I have written an administration system to extend the already smooth system.

The Administration system plugs in and works pretty seamlessly with the front end.

Some features are;
» plug and play
» no editing original ‘minishowcase’ files.
» adding galleries,
» editing gallery text/html files in a WYSIWYG editor
» adding images to each gallery
» moving images between galleries
» previewing,resizing,rotating images ( while keeping their transparencies (gif|png)).
» multiple users

It is free to any one who wants it,
I have a demo on for the front end, and the minishowcase administration plugin.

Installation Notes

» Read the read_me.txt included with the download.
» upload to the root directory or your gallery.
» add the supplied ‘.htaccess’ file to the /admin/ direcotry.
» chmod(0777) the /galleries/ directory recursively
» chmod(0764) the file /admin/lib/

Basically that it!

Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

Free Download:

JT Photography & Minishowcase Gallery

On friday afternoon I was online chatting with a friend who I have recently converted in to getting a mac, now she has one she is busy letting other people now the benefits of a mac. We often talk, and we were talking about some pretty neat photos she had taken lately and said that she wanted a website for them, but didn’t know how and asked for my help.

5 minutes later, she decided on a domain name and it was brought at Go Daddy, 5 minutes after that I set up space on my server and we now have

The photos currently on there are a couple of quick temporary photos until we decided what she wanted, and built up a system.

I started planning out building a system, and after some searching found a prebuilt system called “minishowcase : the super-easy gallery by Jess Thompson Photography soon it will be using the new gallery system and I will release the Administration plugin for free usage once it has been tested more.

Jess Thompson Photography
Jess Thompson Photography