Cleaning my Apple Mighty Mouse Ball's

I have a couple of Apple Mac’s and with each of them, I have a Mighty Mouse.
I have one I carry with my with my Mac Book Pro, this is getting quite old now, It was the first release of the Wireless model, I pre-ordered it as soon as they were announced and have used it on almost a daily basis since.

I also have one on my iMac which gets a daily use also.

These mice are Great ! there are 5 buttons, the 5th is the 360 degree scroll ball. The wired model is very light and agile, while the wireless model is slightly heavier due to the batteries, but if you only use one AA rather than two, it is only ever so slightly heavier than the wired, and still not as heavy as most.

The only Issue I with these mice are the Ball’s get dirty from your finger being rolled over them on a continuous basis. Apple have an article and QT Movie on how to clean them, and plenty of discussions on the Apple forums, but the simple method is rolling it on paper.

Roll to Clean your Balls !

A way to clean the mighty mouse ball that I have always used, is turn it off ( or un-plug ), and get a clean sheet of paper, and upside down, and firmly roll the mouse around on the ball.

Cleaning the Mighty's Balls
Cleaning the Mighty's Balls