Friday, Day 2

Its Friday, I am in Auckland, well Albany to be exact. I for some stupid reason, left my laptop power supply down at the mount, so have like 5 minutes of power left.

Agenda for today is work, lunch, work, catch back up with arron, catch up with my friend Dave at my old flat where he lives now and I used to like 5 years ago for a few beers, he is having a ‘end of time’/’birthday’ few drinks so that will be good to catch up. Then back to TGA and hopefully see Jen.

Thought of the day: “Don’t forget the power!”

Moving On

I live now in greater Auckland. Kauakapakapa. its about 1 hour/ 1 1/2 hours north from the CDB ( Central Business District) I grew up in Kaukapakapa, Went to school in Helensville, Moved to Auckland City for 2~3 years, Moved back to kauakapakapa, Got married, brought a house in Helensville, marriage broke up, whore ran off, moved back to kaukapakapa. Spent 8 months in the USA, came back to Kaukapakapa.

Did you catch all that ? Thats a lot of moving backwards and forwards to kapkauakapa!

My Plan.

6 years ago: Become a Qualified Carpenter, create websites as a side task. ~ Start first home business.

4 years ago: Qualified Carpenter, Stop building, work full time creating websites. ~ Started Inbox Design

12 months ago: Recover from personal catastrophe, Move to US to take full time Developer placement. ~ Zipline Interactive

5 months ago (March 2008) Back to Kaukapakapa, No more Visa’s left. Continuing to work for the US firm, catching up with New Zealand customers

This week:

Today, I am ready for something new!

Today, I am ready for something new! Some where Different!

Today, I am ready for something new! Some where Different! Somewhere where…


Today with the help of my bother I am now Actively seeking work in Wellington, New Zealand, The Capital!. How ever, really, I am actively seeking work everywhere. I am now the person with nothing to hold me back, and would be looking to work any where, for that experience, the experience, the experience! It is all about the experience.

Do you know what is more important than the experience ? It is the people you meet on the way!

It is those people…