New Version of 'MiniShowCase Administration' coming – any enhancement requests

I am working on adding some features to the MiniShowCase Administration, like better user management, better image scaling options and better description management.

If anyone has any ideas or enhancement requests, please post a comment below, or to be notified via email when the next version is released, send me an email to: sheldon[at]

Administration plugin for Minishowcase Gallery system

As I mentioned in a previous post about Jess Thompson Photography, I have recently found this great AJAX|PHP Gallery system Minishowcase.

I have written an administration system to extend the already smooth system.

The Administration system plugs in and works pretty seamlessly with the front end.

Some features are;
» plug and play
» no editing original ‘minishowcase’ files.
» adding galleries,
» editing gallery text/html files in a WYSIWYG editor
» adding images to each gallery
» moving images between galleries
» previewing,resizing,rotating images ( while keeping their transparencies (gif|png)).
» multiple users

It is free to any one who wants it,
I have a demo on for the front end, and the minishowcase administration plugin.

Installation Notes

» Read the read_me.txt included with the download.
» upload to the root directory or your gallery.
» add the supplied ‘.htaccess’ file to the /admin/ direcotry.
» chmod(0777) the /galleries/ directory recursively
» chmod(0764) the file /admin/lib/

Basically that it!

Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

Free Download: