Cyberduck to Transmit FTP

I work on the internet,  I program websites,  So I send a good portion of my day connected to either of my or my clients servers via FTP/SFTP.   I have for a long time,  used Cyberduck for all of my FTP needs.  It has been great,  Good bookmarking systems,  Project/Connection draw,  It allows my to work directly on my files with TextMate,  supports multiple connection types ( FTP,SFTP, WebDave, Bonjour, .Mac ( MobileMe)) and has done everything I have wanted in a Free FTP Client.

About a month ago, Cyberduck updated to Version 3.  It has some new features,  a different bookmark system,  QuickLook type image/file preview, and I find is a better interface.  With this new version it has become increasingly unstable.  The application crashes often,  too often.  Some times 2-3 times in an hour!  which is way too often and as a result I have lost files I have been working on.  If I have FTP’d files open in TextMate,  and Cyberduck crashes, that it, I can’t reopen my connection and continue working on those open files,  I have to copy out the changed code,  re-open the files,  paste in the new code and then continue.  This can take minutes just to get back to where I was,  and some times losing this time,  or break in motion really cause delays in what I was writing.

I am by far not saying Cyberduck is not a good application.  It is great and once the guys have released an update or bug fix I am sure I will go right back to using it.  It may be my computer system.  I am using a 1.42ghz PowerPC G4 iBook running OSX Leopard 10.5.4 So it may be that version 3 has more support for Intel Mac’s  which I am looking to upgrade,  but still love this ol’ girl,  She does well.

A couple of friends have recommended using Transmit From Panic Software.  It starts of way different,  I am yet to really get in to it and set it up.  I have started moving across my bookmarks have have set my default programs for it to use.  And will repost once I have with more info once I have used it more in the next few days.

If any one has any hints for using it better,  as always,  advise is welcomed.